Nathan's powerful, soulful vocals have won him many fans.  Wherever he sings, he wins an audience and they become fans and go back to see him time and again.  His audience is all ages, the majority being females.  He has won multiple singing/karaoke contests.  Among the singing/karaoke contests Nathan has won are:

   Nathan began his music career in the Pop/R&B music genre.  He was selected to be part of a 4-guy group that sang and danced.  He was only 16 when this began.  He eventually parted ways with the group and entered the Z107.7 contest as a solo and ended up winning the contest.

   Nathan was asked once again to be part of a 5-guy group by NSYNC's former road manager, but that failed to launch, so Nathan once again moved on.

   Nathan then crossed paths with someone that in some way, shape or fashion had been part of the hip-hop artist, Nelly's, success and thought he might be able to boost Nathan's career.  Nathan was trying to break into the Pop field and was not having much luck.  Then, someone turned the light on and asked him if he had ever considered country music.  Well, that is when Nathan decided to give country music a shot.  He became the lead vocalist in the band Wildfire.  Nathan has since left Wildfire to pursue writing and recording his own songs.

   Nathan is able to sing just about anyway that he wants to.  His high school chorus teacher just loved that about him.  She would ask him to sing a certain way, and he would immediately do exactly what she asked.  He is good at imitating other singers and also sings harmony.

   Nathan composes, writes and co-produces his own songs.  He has written more than 60 songs in a rather short period of time.  Many of his songs are meaningful and send out messages and they touch people.  But, he also has written just fun, beer-drinking songs.

   In addition to his songwriting, composing and singing skills, he can also dance.  He has a lot of rhythm and can move and is creative with it.  This young man also possesses some natural acting ability as witnessed by his mother and grandpa when he was a very young age.

   Nathan was born and resides in St. Charles, Missouri.  He was a happy and very personable child and remains to be that happy and personable guy still to this day.  He showed signs of creativity and artistic talent early in life.  He loves to make people laugh.  His kindergarten class voted him the best singer in his class when he was six years old.

   Here are some comments made by people that have heard him sing and witnessed his talents: